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Adulthood in the Context of Total Noise

by Trái Bơ

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    artwrok golden person Fred Villanueva, artist from United States of America
    Keep looking at him (ig @fredvillanueva)

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T6 L8R 03:06
So's been so long and I can't recall your face I found... a box of photos in the ground They look like better days But I'll miss / All the while The way / That she wore her smile Someday... I'll be waking up at forty-five And I'll wonder if you're alive Please stay... In my life while I just figure things out Goodbye / Was all she sayed Just leave it / We're only humaynes [HUMANITY SOLO]
Bagelman 02:03
i think you're very Good and Cool. your spit's more than projectile drool you've barely got an inch on me, but I could't tell you from a Tree your rhetoric of choice is un der state ment i'm NOT saying you're my idol but i'd be lying if I said I wasn't a fan if being with U means being toothless i guess I'll have to chew my food by hand your rhetoric of choice is un der state ment and that's fine with me it's like wearing a shirt on backwards; that feeling that my head's twi$ted around or stickin my arms thru blujeans hiking with my front paws on the ground
I'm writing you a letter you bud it's jsut a way of reaching out yiou've made a sort of dent on me and idon't wanna pop it out I'writing U a lterr kid don¶t let the meter get inside ur head a sly expression of my honesty and the buzzing fluorescence is droning my ♪♫key♪♫ Ii can see my heart beat poundin on the screen there's really nothing to it I'mslave to biology [LOUDLY IMPLIED METABOLISM] feelin kinda stupid iḿ a slave to biology I'm writing U a letter friend something upped and came inside my head I didn't think about it when I started but maybe Somethings inside [RADIANT KINDNESS] [DESPERATE GASPING]
It's out of style the way she comb her hair Acting like you gotta hide in there– I thought I saw you once Inside my mind Beneath the waves you're crying out It doesn't have to be So bad When we were young, I thought I knew your name But when you grow somethings don't seem the same~~☼ I wish that you could see Inside my mind Beneath the oceans of the tide It does not have to be So bad
CU L8R 02:54
i'm out of gum and I just coughed up some toothpast scraped it with my thmb I have never smoked a cigar-rette w/o running to the head but nothing every comes out Am I naked for no reason? CU L8R ALÍG8R if U think ur better than me we can climb up to the top of the violence tree at the top there's a battle ground: "YOU GOT TO GET UP TO GET DOWN"
Blueworld 00:32
The sea The sky My heart & I were all an Indigo hue Without you It's a blue b l u e w o r l d
Scheherazade 04:03
Your ancient poetry did wonders for me All bottled up inside A place where we can run and hide A chip my shoulder never wanted to shake I think I love U now So please come on and show me how Scheherazade speak to me I'm lonely up inside my tree In the end we all fall down Living six feet underground In my dreams she singing in my ear When I wake up I find I'd rather be alive Please don't forget to say goodbye to me Scheherazade speak to me I'm lonely up inside my tree In the end we all fall down Living six feet underground
Wakeup 01:36
go to sleep
i bet you thought that I'd forgotten, didn't U? Well the truth is that I have [TAUNTING] small reminder that I'm dying...that's true rip my skin off and make læther whatæver U gotta know that i'm always gonna wonna be Friends with U the Fear of Rejection is written all over your face. The mannequins of our lives are gonna be dead that's why I gotta I say itś fine [LIVE PORNOGRAPHY INTENSIFIES] [THREATENING APPLAUSE] so many times that I have felt that Thing for $20 dollars in my hand there's people waiting on the Bathroom but the water ran out instead that's why I call everything OKAY [UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD SOLO]
i just had the best pineapple upside-down cake that i've ever had Seems so wrong, the thought the plates, so small 16 hours behind us now and I have't slept dew or sweat either way, I'll take the kiss i'm sure comes from the Peaks a footprint couldn't make me eat less My face is free board and lodge for a family of wasps [REMOVING CACTUS SPLINTERS]


released December 12, 2016

discrete musician credit: jordan bell, ben nelson
nebulous musician credit: my cabinet, Lovers Lane station, Hampton station, Gregś coworker
fotografe and goldman: Fred Villanueva
artvvork by Madi Grostkowski and Yung Adam
considered deeply by
adam sevvell and Spencer |<eNNey




Trái Bơ Dallas, Texas

there's a kind of sleep--as deep as it is sweet-- that sits somewhere between the leaves. But if you stay right there that's your verdant affair. Free, aphasic, and complete.

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