by Trái Bơ

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This is a small monument to the artists, musicians, and landscapes that have touched us over the past two years. These songs are studies and experiments which mark special points in the development of our craft. It was written and recorded in Texas by SPK and Young Adam.


released May 27, 2016




Trái Bơ Dallas, Texas

there's a kind of sleep--as deep as it is sweet-- that sits somewhere between the leaves. But if you stay right there that's your verdant affair. Free, aphasic, and complete.

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Track Name: The name of that cow escapes me but it was a shonuff child of the munților
there's a fox trapped in my chest clawing at the door to be let open
in time he'll make a nest at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean
shouldn't you be moving on. close my eyes shut, but I can't stop seeing you

I'll fry all your eggs and finish your yoghurt and make some risotto with the rice that you left. I read that book twice and I know someone who needs it. After I send it to Mars, you'll still be stuck in my head.

just an inch would close our gap. My mind is screaming at a fever pitch
picturing muscle, bones, and fat; you're different skin on a different person
I'll look but never touch. cause just once wouldn't be enough.

You've stuck your dagger in some kind of weakness I have for romantics who love playing games. I don't really know so this song isn't about you. It's just some lover-cypher for the ghost in my head.

this song is for the ghost you left in my head. Might could on some occasion both of you will meet. I'd like to think you both will have a lot in common--or maybe most things yer eye-to-eyes won't see.
I get the feeling there's an overarching pattern, a spider web of random points connect to me. I'm at the lowest ground of a stream of Raw Sensation--an aleatoric narrative only I can read.

[rain, birdsong]