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recorded live @ HORCE FORSE STUDIO, TX 2014


released March 19, 2014

All tracks written and recorded by Adam Sewell & Trái Bơ excepting
"Mary Todd Lincoln" written by Taylor King




Trái Bơ Dallas, Texas

there's a kind of sleep--as deep as it is sweet-- that sits somewhere between the leaves. But if you stay right there that's your verdant affair. Free, aphasic, and complete.

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Track Name: Cacophagy
i believe in cacophony
when you say anything
empty words that just rattle around inside a hollow throat
when you come home please don't knock
empty stains of spaghetti sauce
and I want you to know
this ministry of six-year-olds
Track Name: Mary Todd Lincoln
aberham, I am right beside you
watching you die
the seconds pass as you roll your eyes back
and leave me alone

curse and bless the demon who stole him
the ground is red enough and wet enough for a lifetime
the ground is red enough with blood

abraham I am holding your cold hand
all is silent within you
the voice and the light I love is gone
if it's not, it's still within me

Abraham, help me to bear my grief
the president is

Abraham, won't you help me
Track Name: Symphonic People
the slightly salted, sugared mint
you kept your promise and so we
make it easy on the heart
connecting bodies too close to a month's part

scratch my ears--socratic years
accelerating through experiential gears
i'm in a rush that I can't explain
prolong platonic games

symphonic people dance dance dance
bailando to the top not crying "is this all we got"
sardonic people dodge dodge dodge
chiflando to the block insisting "death is just for shock"

familiar pattern of a fling
wreckless commitment to nebulosity
ecstatic dræht of novel charm
am i a toy w/ a limited recharge?
behind the woman a subtler form
in folds of linen no romance is born
is this abuse just to bridge the gap
from desperation to the next collapse
all we know for sure is purity, at the moment
walking around trying to find eternity in a moment
Track Name: Brillaba
cerca mi
Egregia estabas allí
luz solar entrelazada hojitas
así con espasmos
lo sentí

levante los ojos hacia la verdad
el firmemente brillaba
Track Name: Chain Link Fence
I saw you out of the corner of my eye
the picture of health the illusion of wealth
neces(sex)iates the lie.

It was like a dream
as much as I wish it was one

in the end

It's true we are
already a number
one by one
stacking us up
while you rattle the chain link fence

crabs in a bucket perennial fuck-it
the hidden agenda to make me a spender
and everyday is the last week

it's true we are
already a number
one by one
stacking us up
all of you
never will escape
Track Name: Liebegeist
it should be you,
i couldn't forget it
this was something i never
wish i knew
what a decepetion

Under moonrise
contingent skies of blue
I only had a few words
I could say to you

through the window
erect a million columns of light
a few fall on your shoulders
your face your neck your feet your thighs

brought on by a breath of green
wrap your legs around me
synchronic hearts one two one two one two one two

I can be new
but I won't forget it
this isn't really happening
sorry you
had to betray it

I'm wreckless in a good way
careful in the same way too
I tend to lose my prudence
for a million reasons and I'll name a few

your lips and your curves
your black equine curls
your ways and your words
and your hips when they swerve

I'm not a statistician
and I can't divine
but if I have to live without you,
there's probably a pretty good chance I'm gonna cry
and die
and cry again (ghost cry)
and die again (double death)

I'm gonna haunt you w/ chills that lift your hair
the familiar feeling that I'm with you, but there's no one there.
it's like the Grudge, but instead of hate it's love
walls in this bitch be bleeding from the floor up to the ceiling
for you only you.

Track Name: I Can Make Caulk Out of Most Anything
I'll believe anything
to make it sweet

I'll believe it's true
you know i'll never leave

until you're gone
you're wrong

I'll delete all the blame
from memory

I'll believe it's true
you won't stop pretending

until you're gone
you're wrong
Track Name: Mommy
Kids become parents
of their parents

Their (our) lessons and morals,
become(from) our (their) toil

Shame. contempt for the vessel
the seed and the pistil

lest we dissapoint
and trigger neuroses

fear of want
keep me safe and warm
ever redaction

I can be the truth
but you fight me tooth n nail
i will lose my use
you thought twas good
I will lose my youth
we hoped was real then
we could make a garden grow
if you'd come

shame contempt for the vessel
the seed and the pistil

moms become daughters
of their daughters

choose between marriage
or surrection